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10 july 2018

Hazard is niet te stoppen!

28 july 2018

small update on helium-5

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Helium-5 Games

videos - 18 june 2018

During the World Cup, we'll be uploading our predictions of the upcoming games from Belgium by playing them in FIFA 18. Every game will be uploaded at noon from the day of the match itself, featuring Jiri as guest.

Watch the first video here.

Second channel is back

videos - 13 june 2018

Second channels are stupid and should be hated ...

But let's have some fun with it anyway during the next couple of weeks. You can watch the first vlog here. Uploads will be sporadic, so make sure to follow @debodeqtweets on Twitter!
Additionally, live streams from Twitch will be uploaded there, the day after a stream.

Win a Helium-5 hoodie

update - 8 may 2018

Here's your chance to win Helium-5 merch!

As announced in the latest video, there's a giveaway where you get the chance to win the blue Helium-5 hoodie! Participating in the giveaway is very easy: All you need to do is post a comment on the YouTube video.

Make sure to follow @debodeqtweets on Twitter for updates on the giveaway! Winners will be announced in the next video.

Live on Twitch

update - 3 april 2018

I'll be going live on Twitch from time to time!

Live streams will include gaming (Fortnite, FIFA 18, Tekken 7, ...). For updates on when the streams begin, make sure to follow@debodeqtweets on Twitter.

Helium-5 presents: Onstabiel.

videos - 13 february 2018

Welcome to Helium-5!

Clean reset! /randombelgium is no more, and all its content has been removed. Time for a new chapter, the channel has rebranded to! Its first vlog series, "onstabiel.", has just launched. Episodes will be bi-weekly on tuesdays.

More content and info to follow soon.

End of an era

update - 22 december 2017

Two years ago, I co-founded the company called Pixel Tree. As of yesterday, however, we closed.

I remember December 2015 well. After months of being asked to do projects for friends, family and acquaintances, Michiel Vossen and I finally decided to officially start a company. We called it Pixel Tree. The idea behind the company name was that we'd help you grow thanks to powerful online content. We had a great start, with multiple projects for Sport Vlaanderen (then Bloso), myShopi, Kerrygold and more.

Sadly, we were not able to stay on that growing path. The number of projects decreased and we had difficulty finding new projects. Looking back, there are a couple of things we could've done differently, but that is not how I choose to look back at Pixel Tree.

It's been an interesting time full of laughter, frustrations and lessons. Both on a professional level, as on a personal one. We've grown a lot and walk away from Pixel Tree with a smile.

I'd like to thank everyone who believed in us, especially all our clients.
It's been great.

Not-So-Daily Vlog

videos - 20 may 2017

A new vlog series is born!
Check out the weekly series on!

2 shirts available for a limited time!

update - 15 april 2017

There are two T-shirts available on Teespring right now.

The 'Fake News' shirt sale has been extended and the brand new 'Cooler on the internet' shirt has been added. Get yours now before it's too late! Teespring only allows shirts to be up for a limited time. Sales of both shirts will end in two weeks.

Welcome to RE:WIND

update - 16 march 2017

We're very proud to introduce you to RE:WIND.

RE:WIND is a brand new community based news and opinion platform. The goal is to inform and entertain, and most importantly: to start a conversation.

The new platform will be locate at and we’re currently posting our first articles and trying out the first weekly YouTube show. Hopefully, that’ll be launched in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy the platform. Our goal is to post several new articles a day. Videos will be weekly.

More updates following soon!

About #BYTG2015

update - 29 january 2015

Next month, it'll be time for the 2015 edition of the Belgian YouTube Gathering. Sadly, this update is to inform everyone that I will not be present at the event.

As most of you know, I was the event manager for the previous two successful #BYTG gatherings. As of this edition, I will no longer be part of the organization. This has been one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made and certainly the most bittersweet. But after months of discussions with friends and family, this is honestly the right decision.

I do encourage everyone to go the upcoming event on the 14th of February in Antwerp! You can find more information on this Facebook event page.