The main channel.
Vlogs, movie reviews and soon something new.


Essentially a dumping channel.
Clips, unedited vlogs and other small bits.

BODE Shorts

Let's keep it ... short.
Ha! Get it? Short clips from reviews and drum covers.

Cinque Exposed

Music project.
Creating fire vibes, with a first album dropping in Sept.


16 September 2022

What's next on YouTube

Small update post on what's coming next for me on YouTube.

31 August 2022

Studio update (gallery)

How the studio is growing and shaping up.

14 August 2022

Time to say goodbye

As the title says ... It's time to say goodbye.

Who the F**k is Bode?

Quentin "Bode" Debode is a 29 year old Belgian online content creator. He's a regular on YouTube; making vlogs, movie reviews and occassionaly streaming as well. He also likes writing bios about himself in third person.